Filmmaker: Zion Lacroix
Music: Tugce Senogul
Milan + Istanbul, 2020

<<All we need is light cause illumination is the answer.>>

“I’m so excited and happy to be a part of this amazing project by dearest Tugce Senogul.

This is not just about the period we are experiencing but also is a
reflection of our minds, hearts and hopes. I just tried to show around
from my own perspective, express my covered feelings through these visuals
and the outcome is crowned with “Kırık Hikaye” [”Broken Story” in English] by Tugce Senogul,
one of the strongest and most beautiful voice I have ever heard.
Thanks to Bant Mag for their support.”


Aklımda en güzel halin
O halin gökyüzüm şimdi
Dünyada bir kırık hikaye de
Bizden geçip gitti

Kalbim kal yanımda
Bir anda çılgınca
Özledim kendimi
Gördüğüm bu gerçeğim mi?

Kalbim kal onunla
Bir anda çılgınca
Özledim her şeyi
Gördüğüm bu ellerin mi?

English translation:

In my mind, the most beautiful state of you
That state is my sky now
Another broken story in the world
That passed us by

My heart stay next to me
Suddenly, madly
I missed myself
what i see the truth of me?

My heart stay with him
Suddenly, madly
I missed everything
Is this your hands i see

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