Doğa Vurgun professionally known as Zion Lacroix
is a Turkish director, filmmaker and audiovisual storyteller born in Istanbul.

At the age of 12,
he resurrected his other half named Zion Lacroix.
With the regeneration of Zion,
he has been able to express and ease mind through audiovisual storytelling.
This aspect of his alternative half,
reaches deep within the sick and twisted world.

On the contrary,
his original sense of Doga,
expresses interesest in things far more safeguarded
such as psychology, myths and symbols.
Together the two half co-exists,
while he attempts to strike a balance between the contrary thoughts.
One without the other cannot simply exist on its own.

Doğa is the guiding sense of Zion,
navigating through people and the surroundings,
in order to manifest all that is observed into his works as Zion Lacroix.

In September 2016,
he founded the creative label “P R A I S E” in Milan,
accompanied by his producer Zek Burro,
to mark the launch of his first single “La Première Fin”.

He aims to maintain his artistic language
by mixing lo-fi and evolving ambient tones
with his unique audiovisual storytelling methods.


Other characters for different maps:
Ulmus Parvifolia, Zion Fluke, Lana Marvo, Nikol Mathilda Wells,
Raaven Wells, Asa Luna, Asaf Bergun, Kenzo Mishima and Pax Krider.